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VP Rush Inc. is one of the finest promotional marketing and branding companies in the Tennessee area. Here at VP Rush Inc. we pride ourselves on being able to streamline all of our clients’ marketing needs.
About Us

Something that has really attracted us to the Chattanooga area is that it is a trending marketing where Fortune 500 clients are eager to expand their operations; which ranges from target exposure, additional brand awareness, business development, social media presence, campaign and event platforms.

Why Us?

With every decision that we make for the company, we always keep every member in mind, regardless of the level or department that someone is currently in. We believe that actions speak louder than words, and in our decision-making process regarding who should progress within the company, we weight actions and habits heavily.

We’re Growing

The most important component for us, at the moment, is being able to find the right person; we are looking for professional business-savvy, leadership-oriented, competition-friendly, growth-minded individuals to fit our client’s needs. Could you fit in at VP Rush? Apply today, grow tomorrow.

Business Development Skills

Our clients are always looking for our elite training process as the defining decision regarding whether they can expand their advertisement and promotions into additional markets. Our efforts are to find competitive chess-minded individuals to be the front-runners of additional territories expanding within the Tennessee market, and future expansions outside of the Tennessee market.

Management Training Skills

You can wipe the sweat off! We believe in career advancement. In this era of career opportunity, we believe there needs to be a solid implemented infrastructure of how someone can get from point a to point z in a company. Which is why our company is constantly looking for account managers, team leaders, event coordinators, marketing managers, project managers, and directors of operations to handle the social media platforms, administrative duties, and recruitment channels on the behalf of our clients. Our mission is to integrate a training process and infrastructure were our entire company can mesh and become a well-rounded machine for all of our client’s objectives and goals.

Direct Interpersonal Skills

One of the most important components in any form of marketing platform is to have elite social skills. Companies are either built or broken based on the representation of the individuals who speak on behalf of the company/client. So, our goal is to focus on developing elite negotiation skills, that can be used in or out of our everyday work environment.

Why Clients Choose VP

Our clients understand that our cost-efficient marketing strategies give them opportunities to maximize their ROI, and their company competition is everlasting. Each and every time they find a new product or service that separates them from their competition, their competition will also find a way to copy and paste their winning formula to make their own. Therefore, these clients add a unique marketing platform such as ours in which we provide both back-end and front-end marketing opinions. Which is why we are very tightly roped with our training guidelines for all staff affiliated with VP Rush.

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We like to write about things that inspire, motivate and move us. Enjoy reading through our blog!

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Design Strategy



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Project Launch

Our Mission

VP Rush is a company that believes in morals and values, and we understand the best development is self-development. Our roots and foundation are 80% professional and 20% family oriented.

VP Rush is a company that is always looking to leap the extra mile for our clients, looking for the missing piece to the puzzle in their marketing infrastructure to make our clients unbeatable. We have no bias towards the different forms of marketing. As long as there is a market that is both profitable in finances and growth we are open to taking the challenges for our clients and their efforts to grow their consumer platform. The most important component for us, at the moment, is being able to find the right person; we are looking for professional business-savvy, leadership oriented, competition-friendly, growth-minded individuals to fit our client’s needs.

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